Encourage Shield 

The Encourage Shield Competition is a chance for junior golf club teams across the Sydney Metropolitan Region to compete and show off their skills in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Played over 18 holes, each contest involves six matches. Boys and girls are eligible to play and the competition provides an excellent opportunity for juniors to learn the art of match play before they take the next step up to Junior Pennant.

Lakeside is proudly entering two teams in 2017, of which their journey can be read below. 

Round 5

Final day of the season before the finals get started.

THE GREEN TEAM were at Wentworth Falls v Stonecutters Ridge. On a wet, miserable day the Lakeside boys were outplayed 5 to 1. Number 1 player Robbie Minns had a strong win 5&4. Will Meredith got beat 4&3, Matty Garcia Johnson went down 4&2, Julian Fuentes had a near loss 2&1, Josh Hatton got beat 3&2 and Dom Nesci also lost 8&7.

The boys had a fine year and showed they have grown as players since last year and a few of the new boys got to taste the competition of inter-club golf and will benefit from it in the future as well. Manager Paul Johnson was very proud of how the boys all fought through their matches and we are excited about how this will lead us to the future. The boys showed some real form this year with Matty Garcia Johnson and Julian Fuentes getting 2 wins each and plenty of wins by all the other boys in the team.

THE BLUE TEAM played against Brighton Lakes at Brighton Lakes and although it didn’t rain it was a cold miserable spring day. Brighton Lakes is leading the division and showed why with a 5-0 drubbing of our guys who all played well but were just outgunned by there opponents. The team no 1 Riley Battle went down 3&2, Joel Tyson battled valiantly going down 3&1, Archie Branks fought back but went down 4&3, Josh Brassill went down 6&5 and Marnav Dutt hung in after a slow start to go down 4&3.

Again all players played well and like a lot of the results this year, the scores didn’t quite match how they played. Ryan Tyson, manager of the Blue Team was complimentary on how his boys conducted themselves all season and the improvement from last year was highly visible.

Player of the season was Joel Tyson with 2 wins, 2 draws and a loss, closely followed by Riley Battle with 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses and then Jayden Seery with 2 wins and 1 loss. Great effort to all! Watch this space.

Round 4

We had both teams in action again.

Paul Johnson’s Green Team played against Leonay Golf Club at Lynwood. It was a tough match against last year's division winners and the boys acquitted themselves well. Julian Fuentes and first-time winner Frankie Gerace both had solid wins and Will Meredith drew his match on the 18th hole and unfortunately Dominic Nesci, Robbie Minns and Matty Garcia Johnson just couldn’t get over the line and the team went down 2.5 - 3.5.

Ryan Tyson’s Blue Team had a home match against last year's Encourage Shield winners Oatlands Golf Club. The boys got off to a slow start but after battling back were able to roll last years winners 3.5 - 2.5. With Riley Battle, Jayden Seery and Marnav Dutt (first-time winner) all getting wins and Joel Tyson keeping his unbeaten streak alive with a drawn match. Josh Brassil and Archie Branks, unfortunately, went down with Archie going 18 holes for the 2nd time in 4 weeks. This is the first time in the last 2 years that a team from Lakeside has registered a “W” and along with their draw in Round 2 shows a huge improvement from 18 months ago. Both teams are competing every week with their competitors and winning seasons are closed on the horizons.

Special thanks to our wonderful staff for all their support yesterday, including our Pro Shop and restaurant staff and also Club Captain Dean Pittman and committeemen Gordon Price and Peter Coles for acting as walkers/rules officials for the day.

Next week is our final game .. watch this space for the results!

Round 3

A terrific day for golf was topped off by some great golfing weather.

Lakeside Green, managed by Paul Johnson welcomed a new team member Robbie Minns who led the team today against Lynwood at Stonecutters Ridge. The boys put up a valiant effort but were outplayed by the Lynwood juniors 5 matches to 1. Special mentions for Julian Fuentes for his 2nd win in 2 weeks and a great comeback from Frankie Gerace who was 6 down at the turn and who ended up getting pipped at the end 1 down. Matty Johnson Garcia, Will Meredith, Alex Crawley and Robbie all put in great efforts but came up a little short.

Lakeside Blue (Ryan’s team) played the Liverpool side at Studley Park with another very close group of matches leading to another near loss. Riley Battle had a win 2&1 and Joel Tyson drew his match to collect the teams 1 1/2 points. Lili Kremmer, Archie Branks and Marnav Dutt all had matches that went to the 17th but didn’t quite get over the line and Josh Brassil running into a tough opponent and finishing a little earlier.

Both teams are showing some great golf and huge promise for future matches and future seasons. We really look forward to seeing what a force all these players can be in the upcoming year.

Round 2

Lakeside Green played against Wentworth Falls at Windsor CC.

The guys played well and the top part of the order did their jobs with Will Meredith, Julian Fuentes and Matthew Garcia Johnson all having wins ( 1up - 2&1 - 2&1) and the bottom of the order gained some more experience but unfortunately Dom Nesci, Frankie Gerace and Alex Crawley all went down in their matches with the final score coming to 3 matches each. Well done to Paul Johnson and the boys it is great to have such a good result so early in the season. David Recko went along and was complimentary of all the boys efforts reminding him of his junior pennants days back in the last century.

Lakeside Blue team played at Oatlands GC versing Bankstown. In this group the tail really wagged with our number 3 - 5 - 6 players bringing home the bacon. Joel Tyson played great with a 3&2 win, Josh Brassill had a huge 8&6 win and Jayden Seery had his first Encourage Shield win in 2 seasons winning 4&3. Both Riley Battle and Archie Branks put up valiant efforts but just came up short and that left our no1 player Lili Kremmer to play for the final result. Lili played some great golf during the day and ran into a hot putter with the Bankstown no1 holing 2 x 8 foot putts on not just the 17th but also the 18th holes. This gave the No1 match to Bankstown 1 up and made the final score 3 - 3. All the players did really well today and it was terrific the sense of team that they showed all day. I know Ryan Tyson and all the parents were very proud of how they played and how well they interacted with their team mates as well as their opponents. Great work to everyone involved.

Both teams have come so far from the bunch of kids that had never played any club golf a little over 18 months ago and I am excited to see how much better they can keep going. Super jobs guys.


Round 1

Fielding 2 teams.

This meant having most of the last years guys plus a few new team members and even some rookies. The Green Team, after a shaky start headed to Leonay GC to play Windsor. Paul (63) Johnson' charges put up a great fight and were pipped 2 1/2 to 3 1/2. Wins by Will Meredith and Matty Garcia Johnson and great efforts by Julian Fuentes, Dom Nesci and Alexander Crawley. The boys put up a great effort and showed some real promise for the rest of the season.

The Blue Team led by Ryan Tyson had a great day at Bankstown GC playing a local derby versus Camden Studley Park. This was another close game with 4 of the six matches going to the 18th. Well done to all of our players with Joel Tyson and Riley Battle drawing their matches and Lili Kremmer and Archie Branks going down 1 down. Jayden Seery and Marnav Dutt both played some good golf but unfortunately also came up short giving us a final result of 5 to 1.

So many great efforts from both teams today, it was great to introduce 6 new golfers to inter-club matches and build an even stronger group of juniors out of the Lakeside club. Special thanks to Paul and Ryan for all their efforts. The Green Team will be hoping for a few fewer detours next week and both teams will be aiming for even better results.

Great work by both teams, well done and keep swinging.